In the last over 10 years, I’ve found myself been moving from one city to another because of the desire to apply exercise my profession to in culturally different environments, because driven by of the curiosity and the need to share and achive with people a new way of seeing the world with people of diverse background and cultures.


Photography has been for me the main tool to enhance and improve client communication. It’s about language and its grammar: how to use the right visual support to define any brand identity and to reveal any product. It could be an object, a space, a face or a process.


Then the video came. As a dynamic and strong contemporary tool to create a powerful connection between the client and the customer. Besides, any great video is a result of the synergy of multiple professional figures. And that it’s what makes that experience a personal improvement in work and in life.


Later, I’ve found myself I have been involved in the entire production process of a project. From detailed research phase, to analysis, moodboard preparation, support of the art direction, budget and time understanding. I basically touched almost everything that is connected with photography, often crossing that specific language in order to explore and interact with the entire visual world.