Proposed Services

I developed iconographic projects for International brands such as KLM, Alessi, TOG, deSter, Andaz Hotel, VMI, focusing on client needs.


For most projects I’ve been using a design approach in terms of managing all the aspects of the process: following a detailed concept research phase, from production planning and budget consciousness, to execution. Location scouting, lighting set up, usage of digital and analog supports, digital postproduction. Many phases may require the need of involving different professionals. So I do interact and collaborate with graphic designers, 3d/CGI artists, sound and video makers being able to support pr and writers based on the art direction of the project.


Though the main core is photography, video also became an important tool to develop any visual identity. Supported by professionals, we can deliver a final end package.


As a photograher in the field since many years, I’ve been facing multiple situation that lead me to the capability of create an entire project from scratch. So, coordination and management between the art direction and the external third parties involved into the process: studio and location arrangement, postproduction and printer, melt together a creative team to execute.